Transforming the shipbuilding industry by introducing cost effective, strong and environmentally friendly marine vehicles in advanced stainless steel, where every element has a purpose.


We thrive with innovation. We create solutions that generate a brighter future by managing our resources, both in our operations and in our commitment to our customers. We earn our role by leading by example through our consistency, knowledge and good practice.

Our differences are our strength, we encourage new perspectives that differ from our own perceptions, knowledge and experiences. We see a world where nothing is impossible. That’s the future we want.


Stainless Steel Yachts provides fast, low maintenance vessels in Super and Hyper Duplex Stainless Steel. With our revolutionary lightweight design, innovative engineering and patented construction methods, Stainless Steel Yachts sets a new standard for excellence in marine vessels. We are passionate in our conviction to make the future lighter, stronger, faster and more sustainable.


SSY’s founder Håkan Rosén has always had a keen interest in the life at sea. He started sailing at an early age and has owned a number of recreational boats throughout his life. He has a passion for wooden boats - although wood now has competition from Sandvik’s steel.

Håkan and his family left hectic Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011, in favor of the quality of life in Gävle, Sweden. It was around this time he heard about Sandvik’s new stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.

“It should be possible to build boats from this material,” he thought, as he examined a sailing yacht in stainless steel, but realized it would be too heavy. Inspired by the Vikings, Håkan started to explore how the Vikings managed to sail the seas in wooden longships over a thousand years ago.

This sparked the idea of incorporating the Viking’s flexible hull construction into the structure of a steel boat. This began the development of the flexible longitudinal and now patented stringers, which together with Sandvik’s steel, made it possible to build an extremely lightweight boat entirely from stainless steel.

In January 2014, Stainless Steel Yachts moved to Gävle’s old shipyard region, where we began to build the first vessel in stainless steel. At this time, a supplier was contracted to manufacture the interior modules for the prototype vessel. This was an exciting time, as Håkan’s vision finally came to life.

Stainless Steel Yachts continued to expand the horizons in 2019, when part of operations moved to Newport Beach, California. This was an exciting step, as Stainless Steel continues to grow globally.

Behind Stainless Steel Yachts is a team of specialists who further developed Håkan’s original concept. The team has the vision of continuing to develop environmentally friendly marine vessels in stainless steel, with superior characteristics compared with current fiberglass and aluminum vessels.